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Hanse manuals and brochures

Below you find various documents that are in first hand related to the Hanse 370. It could be brochures, manuals, instructions, wirings etc.
If you have something that I don't have here, please send it to us and I'll update the list. Please also report if you find documents that are replicated.

Click in Brand column to get to the webpage, click in Modell column to get to the specific dokument

Please use all manuals with common sense, we do not take any responsibility regarding the content of the materials below.







(click on corresponding letter for the brand you are interested in and click on modell name to open document)

  Brand Modell Document type Language
A Airmar DST800 sounder (without valve) Owners guide
  Airmar DST800V sounder (with valve) Owners guide
  Airmar DST800 and DST 800V Retractable TRIDUCER ultisensor News bulletin
  Airmar DST800 Smart Sensor Brochure
B Båtsystem PT10044 bowsprit Installation manual
  Båtsystem Code-0 enforcement kit Installation manual
  Båtsystem PT1253530 and  PT1553530 swimmingplatform Installation manual
  Båtsystem 1415 anchor holder arm Installation manual
  Båtsystem 1415, 1420 anchor holder arm Installation manual 2011-03-14  
C Cabin Minor (wall light) Datasheet
  Cabin Minor chart (chart light) Datasheet
  Calira Sealine 331 electric panel Diagram
  Calira Sealine 451, shore power panel Brochure
  Calira High performance separation relay 12V/70A Diagram
  Clarion Car stereo Broschure 200-2010
  Clarion DB188RMP, DB189RMB,DB189RGMP Owners manual
Clarion DB188RMP CD/MP/WMA with AUX-In Leaflet
D DuPont Corian, spec-data Brochure
  DuPont Corian, use & care guidelines Instructions
  DuPont Corian, use & care guidlines Instructions
E Eberspächer Airtronic L, D5, B5 Technichal, installation, manual, service
  Eberspächer Airtronic D2, D4, D4S and D5 Installation manual
  Eberspächer Airtronic, Airtronic M, D2, D4, D4S Technichal, installation, manual, service
  Eberspächer Airtronic D2, D4, D4+, D5 Installation instructions
  Eberspächer Airtronic D2-D4, troubleshooting and repair Instructions 02/2007
F Facnor LS, LX, RS, RX reefing and furling system, selftacking jib Installation manual
  Facnor Name of the "SD" and "R" range parts, selftacking jib List of parts w/ picture
  Facnor Facnor assembly manual, English and in colo IManual, installation
  Facnor Facnor installation manual, French and English Manual. instalation
  Flexofold Propeller 3 blade with saildrive Installation instructions version 1
  Flexofold Propeller 3 blade Warranty, installation and operating
  Flexofold Propeller 3 blade Installation instructions version 2
G Gransegel /Gransegel_GCL-X sail cloth Brochure
  Gottifredi Maffioli Gottifredi Maffioli Dyneema/GM_dsk75ultra Brochure
H Hanse - general Hanse material card with RAL, interior, external and deck colors Brochure
  Hanse - general Hanse logo black - Hanse text with the wave Picture EPS format
  Hanse - general Hanse logo blue - Hanse text with the wave Picture EPS format
  Hanse 320 320 Brochure
  Hanse 320 320 electrical scheme Diagrams
  Hanse 325-355 325-355 instrument installation Diagram
  Hanse 34R 34R sail and deckplan Drawing
  Hanse350 350 Broschure 0809  
  Hanse 350 350 demo boat 2008 offer with equipment list 2009  
  Hanse 350 350 expo offer 2009 with equipment list 2009  
  Hanse 350 350 electrical scheme  
  Hanse 355 355, deck enforcement blocks  
  Hanse 370 370 Brochure 110905
  Hanse 370 370 Brochure 290808
  Hanse 370 370 Specification Juni 2005
  Hanse 370 370, specification standard equipment (2006/2007) Brochure
  Hanse 370 370, specification standard equipment (2008/2009) Brochure
  Hanse 370 370, specification epoxy options Brochure
  Hanse 370 370, price list (February 2009) Price list
  Hanse 370 370e sailplan, preliminary drawing Preliminary drawing
  Hanse 370 370e deckplan Preliminary drawing
  Hanse 370 370, storageplan Drawing 2007
  Hanse 370 370e, internal layout A1, B1, C1 Brochure
  Hanse 370 370, internal layout with descriptions Diagram
  Hanse 370 370 and 400, electric diagram Diagram (2006-10-06)
  Hanse 370 370e, electric installation cable list Installation list 20.07.2005
  Hanse 370 370e, electric wiring (standard) Diagram 07.07.2005
  Hanse 370 370e, electric wiring (optional) Diagram 06/05
  Hanse 370 370e, electric 230V outlet options Diagram 22.06.2005
  Hanse 370 370e, freshwaterpipes Diagram 5/05
  Hanse 370 370, reinforcement inserts Diagram
  Hanse 370 370 and 400, reinforcement inserts Diagram 08.03.06
  Hanse 370 370 and 400, reinforcement inserts Diagram 06.10.05
  Hanse 370 370 and 400, reinforcement inserts - genoa (detailed) Diagram 05.01.06
  Hanse 370 370 and 400 electrical scheme 01 Diagram 06.10.06
  Hanse 370 370 and 400 electrical scheme 02 Diagram
  Hanse 370 370, true wind polargram Diagram Juli 2005
  Hanse 370 370, stabilisation curve Diagram 10.08.2005
  Hanse 370 370, shallow draft keel Drawing
  Hanse 370 370 deep keel Drawing 2005-0527
  Hanse 370 370e special offer 2008 with equipment list  
Hanse 370 370, Skippers manual Manual
  Hanse 370 370, Sicherheits-Handbuch für den Bootsführer (Skippers manual) Manual
  Hanse 370 370, Fiche de Controle, wire standing rigging Diagram, date 25.08.2005
  Hanse 370 370, Fiche de control, wire standing rigging Diagram, date 13.01.2006
  Hanse 370 370, wire dimensions and lenghts by Sparcraft Diagram, date 05/12/06
  Hanse 370 370, sailplan Diagram, date 26-07-06
  Hanse 370 370e, sailplan Diagram, date 07-06-05
  Hanse 370 370, Sparcraft Performance mast drawings Diagram, date 23-09-05
  Hanse 370      
  Hanse 375 375, twin wheel build card Diagram 01/02-2011
  Hanse 400 400 Brochure
  Hanse 400 400, reinforcement inserts Diagram 06.10.05
  Hanse 400 400, reinforcements inserts Diagram 08.03.06
  Hanse 430 430 backplan Drawing
Hanse 430 430 fuel lines /treibstoff Drawing09.01.07
  Hanse 430 430_documents/Hanse_430_470_540__steering_system_manua_jefal.pdf  
  Hanse 430 430_documents/hanse_430e_boom.pdf  
Hanse 430 430_documents/hanse_430e_circuit_diagram.pdf
  Hanse 430 430_documents/hanse_430e_deckplan.pdf  
  Hanse 430 430_documents/hanse_430e_freschwater.pdf  
  Hanse 430 430_documents/hanse_430e_lenzwasser.pdf  
  Hanse 430 430_documents/hanse_430e_mast.pdf  
  Hanse 430 430_documents/hanse_430e_mastfot.pdf  
  Hanse 430 430_documents/hanse_430e_panel.pdf  
  Hanse 430 430_documents/hanse_430e_reinforcement.pdf  
  Hanse 430 430_documents/hanse_430e_reinforcement2.pdf  
  Hanse 430 430_documents/hanse_430e_sailplan.pdf  
  Hanse 430 430_documents/hanse_430e_simnet.pdf  
  Hanse 430 430_documents/hanse_430e_simradpositionen.pdf  
  Hanse 430 430_documents/hanse_430e_stability.pdf  
  Hanse 430 430_documents/hanse_430e_stering.pdf  
  Hanse 430 Interior picture Drawing
Hanse 430 Hanse 430e sailing Photo N/A
  Hanse 470 470, electrical wiring diagram Diagram
  Hanse 470 470 Steering system, Jefa Manual
  Hanse 470 470 Simnet illustration Drawing 2 Feb 2010
  Hanse 540 540 Steering system, Jefa Manual
  Hanse 545 545, electrical wiring diagram Diagram
  Harken Backstay drawing, material suggestion Picture
  Höveling Yachtfarben Golden teak 3 sealer Material safety data sheet
  Höveling Yachtfarben Golden teak 3 sealer Product description
I IMS IMS rating certificate no. 99913 Certificate
  Indel B Refridgerator box Drawing 09/05/2005
  Indel B Picture of the fridge Picture N/A
  Information About boats and electricity Educational material
  Information Splice rope to chain Educational material
  Isotemp Slim A waterheater Manual
  Isotemp Slim B waterheater Manual
  Isotemp Basic waterheate Manual
  Isotemp Regular waterheater Manual
J Jabsco Toilet 29090-3000 Twist 'n' Lock, Manual Toilet, Compact bowl  Instructions, installation, diagrams
  Jabsco Automatic water system pump 31295/31395-series Instructions, installation
  Jabsco Automatic water pressure system pumps 1.9/2.9 GPM Brochure
  Jefa 01 DU-DD1 dimensions Drawing N/A
  Jefa 02 DU-DD1 installation layout Drawing
  Jefa 03 Hanse 371 shallow draft rudder RUD40  
  Jefa 04 DU-DD1-12 change motor    
  Jefa 05 DU-DD1-12 motor and clutch test    
  Jefa 06 Rudder feedback bracket for autopilot drive DD1 Drawing 05.12.2005
  Jefa 07 DU-DD1/Autopilot drive    
  Jefa 08 Tiller arm specification form    
  Jefa Hanse 430, 470 and 540 steering system manual  
  Jeppesen PC-planner software Installation manual
  Jeppesen C-Map compatible software Reference table
  Johnson pump Pumps, impellers, water pressure systems, bilge pumps etc. Service kit & part reference guide 2009  
  Johnson pump Aqua Jet Wash Down Systems, WD 2.9, 3.5, & 5.2, 12/24 V DC Instruction manual
K Kortjacht Kortjacht catalogue 2009 Product catalogue
    Pricelist 2010 Price list
  LieMo Electronics Marine battery isolator MBI 100/3 IG & 150/3 IG  
M Münster Cabin Aps Wall spotlights Technical brochure
  Münster Cabin Aps Wall, flexible arm spotlights Technical brochure
N Navico AIS connectivity on Navico displays Explorer 657, 567 and 557 Information
  North Sails Mainsail, standard Brochure
  North Sails Jib, dacron, furling Brochure
  North Sails 370, Mast setup Guide  
  Northstar 725 VHF marine radio Diagram
  Northstar 725 (and 705) VHF marine radio Quickstart
  Northstar 725US/EU (and 721US/EU) VHF marine radio Operation and installation manual
  Northstar Explorer 557/567 Chartplotter Installation and operation manual
  Northstar Explorer 557/567 Chartplotter Installation and operation manual
  Northstar Explorer 557/567 Chartplotter Installation and operation manual
  Northstar Explorer 557/567 Chartplotter Installation and operation manual
  Northstar Explorer 557/567 Chartplotter Installation and operation manual
  Northstar Vhf and chartplotter technical information Technical information
O Odelco Batt-Meter3 Brochure
  Odelco Batt-Meter3 Manual
P Plastimo Compass, Offshore 105 Drilling template
  Plastimo Compass Installation and deviation instruction
  Profurl NEX flying-sail furlers Brochure 
  Profurl Installation manual NEX 1.5    
  Profurl Furling systems 2013 Catalogue  
S Seldén Rigging and tuning a Seldén mast Hints and advice
  Simrad AP24 autopilot Brochure
  Simrad AP24 autopilot Manual 1.2
  Simrad AP24 autopilot Manual 1.3
  Simrad AP24/AP28 autopilots w/AC12/AC42 autopilot computers Installation manual
  Simrad AP24/AP28 autopilots with Jefa rudder drive. Rudder problem. Technical bulletin 2010-10-05
  Simrad IS20 combi instrument Manual
  Simrad IS20 graphic Manual 1.2
  Simrad IS20 analog Manual 1.2
  Simrad FC40 fluxgate compass Instructions
  Simrad Motor and clutch test for DU-DD1-12 Instructions  
  Simrad Simnet installation Manual 11.11.04
  Simrad Simnet installation Manual 15.11.04
  Simrad Price list 2011 Price list
  Sparcraft #01 General - rigging parts for standing and running rigg Brochure
Sparcraft #02 General - rigg assembly manual
  Sparcraft #03 General - masthead configurations and profiles  
  Sparcraft #04 General - masthead lights  
  Sparcraft #05 General - backing tangs  
  Sparcraft #06 N/A  
  Sparcraft #07 General - Tuffluff headstay systems  
  Sparcraft #08 General - boom fittings  
  Sparcraft #09 General - standard boom  
  Sparcraft #10 General - single line reefing system Technical data
  Sparcraft 11 General - sheave box Technical data
  Sparcraft 12 General - spinnaker pole ends Technical data
  Sparcraft 13 General - flatware lead blocks alloy deck setted for screws F/90 Technical data
  Sparcraft 14 General - adjusters Technical data
  Sparcraft 15 Hanse370 - 2007 boom F550 ano + running rigging List of parts
  Sparcraft 16 Hanse370 - 2007 mast F460/15.95 ano 2 sets + running rigging List of parts
  Sparcraft 17 Hanse370 - large size medium Isovang lg 2070 mm List of parts
  Sparcraft 18 Hanse370 - spreaders kit + lights + rod kicker List of parts
Sparcraft 19 Océan - mastheads
  Sparcraft 20 Océan - mastheads 7/8 fractional rigging  
  Sparcraft 21 Océan - extrusion masthead option Specifikations
  Sparcraft 22 Océan - spreaders Specifikations
  Sparcraft 23 Océan - Tip of spreaders Specifications
  Sparcraft 24 Océan - Thru bar spreaders set Specifications
  Sparcraft 25 Océan - Complete set of spreaders Specifications
  Sparcraft 26 Océan - Goosneck  
  Sparcraft 27 Océan - Vang fitting  
  Sparcraft 28 Océan - Spring vang  
  Sparcraft 29 Océan - Plug connections and electrical conduit  
  Sparcraft 30 Océan - Lights  
  Sparcraft 31 Performance - Various masthead specifications  
  Sparcraft 32 Performance - Masthead F78 IMS80  
  Sparcraft 33 Performance - Masthead non tapered - mast head rig  
  Sparcraft 34 Performance - Masthead tapered  
  Sparcraft 35 Performance - Masthead non tapered  
  Sparcraft 36 7/8 masthead tapered  
  Sparcraft 37 7/8 masthead non tapered 4 sheaves  
  Sparcraft 38 Performance - 7/8 rig - wire 5-6-7 mm  
  Sparcraft 39 Performance - Spreaders bar with shroud seats  
Sparcraft 40 Performance - External tangs
  Sparcraft 41 Performance - Baby stay or iner forestay attachment  
  Sparcraft 42 Performance - Internal tangs  
  Sparcraft 43 Performance - Gibb 840-T tang, Gibb 740-T tang and halyard exits  
  Sparcraft 44 Performance - Winch pads and cleats  
  Sparcraft 45 Performance - Fairleads and automatic gate  
  Sparcraft 46 Performance - Spinnaker gear, pole stowage equipment and spinnaker track with complete bell fitting and slider  
  Sparcraft 47 Performance - Vang fitting I  
  Sparcraft 48 Performance - Vang fitting II  
  Sparcraft 49 Performance - Mast steps on deck, mast step with mast bases, step and deck collar hardware, complete mast step blocks and mast step on keel  
  Sparcraft 50 Performance - Deck collar main dimensions and internal water-proofing  
  Sparcraft 51 Performance - Labels  
  Sparcraft 52 Performance - Internal splice and mast fitting  
  Sparcraft 53 Performance - Plug connections, electrical wires and electrical conduit  
  Sparcraft 54 Performance - Lights  
  Sparcraft 55 S range - Mast profiles  
  Sparcraft 56 S range - Mastheads  
  Sparcraft 57 S range - Spreaders  
  Spinlock Powerclutches XTS and XCS Installation and use
  Spinlock Powerclutches XTS and XCS Instruction & diagram
  Sterling Battery charger 1230CED, 1240CED,1250CED, 2425CED Instructions
  Strong Sailtrack and slide system Installation, order form
  Swinglift Swinglift specs Specifications
  Swinglift Swinglift installation Installation instruction
  Swinglift Swinglift how to use Operating instructions
T Techimpex Cooker and oven Instructions
  TEFO Boat stickers Installation instruction
  TEFO Älva sticker measurements Sticker measurements  
  True Heading AIS-CTRX Carbon and Carbon + Class B AIS transponder Operation and installation manual 1.2E
  True Heading AIS-CTRX Carbon and Carbon+ Installation diagrams w/ various plotters
  True Heading AIS CTRX Carbon and Carbon+ external silent button Wiring diagram
V Vetus Cooling water strainer model 330 Installtion instruction
  Vetus EBP 30/40/60/80 electrical submersibel pump Installtion instruction
  Vetus Float switch Diagram
  Vetus Exhaust systems 30-90 mm Installtion instruction
W Webasto Air and water heating systems, various models Installation instructions
Y Yanmar Engine 3JH4E specs Brochure
  Yanmar Engine 3JH4E, 40HP Operation manual
  Yanmar SD20 and SD50 saildrives Operating manual
  Yanmar SD20 and SD50 saildrives Operating manual
  Yanmar Engines JH4-3JH4E and saildrive SD50.pdf Drawing
  Yanmar Oil and cooling agent Information
  Yanmar Usage of B5 biodiesel in Yanmar Marine Engines Technical bulletin February 29, 2008
  Yanmar SD50 cone replacement Instructions
  Yanmar SD50 oil level dipstick Technical bulletin September 16, 2009
  Yanmar Saildrive painting Technical bulleting November 4, 2009
  Yanmar Saildrive Anodes Technical bulletin December 14, 2010
  Yanmar Control lever position during sail with engine stopped Technical bulletin October 18, 2011
  Yanmar SD50 Service technicians handbook Handbook for service technicians
  Yanmar SD40-SD50 cone clutch.pdf Handbook
  Yanmar Parts catalogue for SD40 and SD50    

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