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Fridge ventilation

The ventilation in the fridge compressor compartment is not enough to remove the heath the compressor generates. As a first stage to improve it we drilled some holes in the cover board inside the locker where you access the compressor. We can't really tell how much the holes ventilate the compressor box but you can feel the heat coming out. This solution requires that you keep the lockers door open most of the time. We haven't yet decided if we are going to drill couple of holes on the locker door...

1. Remove the cover and measure the height and width of the hole or the space between the frame and the screw holes in order to decide where to put the first row of holes.

2. Drill as many holes you think is necessary. We used 20 mm drill for the holes and 20 mm between each hole to create a zigzag pattern.

3. The  lid back in place. We will probably drill more holes later on in order to improve the ventilation just to be sure that it really will help.

4. The sparepart number for the lid/cover.

2017-10-15 Improving the ventilation on the lid to the fridge compressor.

4. We finally got time/remembered to imrpove the ventilation for the fridge and drilled few more 20 mm holes on the lid.

6. The final result. The ventilation improved quite a lot but still not as much as we had hoped. please continue to read and you learn what was wrong.
2018 March - We found a ventilation pipe under the saloon seats
In March 2018 we decided to start the isolation of all heating/ventilation pipes from our Ebersprecher so we would have a more efficient flow of hot air in the front cabin. Whilst we were filming and cutting open the seating benches in the saloon (see page Heat pipe isolation) we noticed that there was something strange going on from the refridgerator compressor. Below you can read more about this.

5. When trying to film the refridgerator compresor we saw that there was this big white and bendt wrinkled tube lying next to the compressor but did not understand what it was.

6.When we cut open the bench in the saloon an looked inside we found the end of the white pipe taped to the wall. We undestood directly that it was not the most effective ventilation if the pipe was bent.

7. We started by removing the tape and pulled the pipe a bit more out of the hole.

8. Close up of the ventilation pipe. You can see here that the pipe is bendt on the other side.

9. When we continued to pull the out the pipe we notidced that there was a quite lot of it on the other side but now at least the airflow was not blocked anymore. We cut the end of the pipe so it would be a little bit nicer and then we left it there as it was hoping that it would get colder air into the compressor if it was in the contact with the hull.

You might wonder where the tube get the air from. The benches are not flush to the hull so they are not airtight, as you can see close to the white wall. The ventilation pipe sucks air to the compressor and blows it out through the locker next to the stove or from the holes behind the stove. Good thing is to keep the locker next to the stove open if you have increased the ventilation holes as we did. See the Fridge ventilation page.