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Impeller change


Changing impeller in the sea water pump is not actually as hard as we thought. We felt quite frightened as we believed that lot of water could flood into the boat when the pump housing was opened. But with a little help and encouragement from others who have done this before, we carried out the operation successfully and kept the boat afloat.

1. Before we were going to do the impeller change we tried out the special tool (provided by Yanmar) at home with the new impeller. Start by placing the impeller as the picture shows.

2. Screw the hollow bolt guide into the impeller as deep as possible but do not use excessive force to lock it in the impeller.

3. The next step is to insert the bolt into the hole...

4. ...and screw it until the hex head is aligned with the hollow bolt guide. This is done to insure that the threads are okay and that you will be able to use the tool properly.

5. When changing the impeller with the boat in the water, start by closing the bottom valve. Then open the front to your engine and locate the pump housing which is on a 370 in the right bottom corner at the front.

6. As you can see there is a label that recommends you read the manual. Do so if you haven't done it before or as with us who didn't have a clue what to do.

7. Prepare for the opening of the pump housing cover by having a small container to catch the water which will most likely come out.

8. Here we demonstrate the use of a Finnish sauna/food/drink scoop that works quite well on a boat too.

9. The pump housing is now open and as you can see, all the "wings" are still intact. The impeller was used for 2 seasons and there was actually no damage. But scared by the discussions on the my Hanse forum we decided to change it any way.

10. The hollow bolt guide is screwed into the impeller.

11. The bolt is inserted in the guide.

12. Using a proper tool the bolt is screwed clockwise...

13. ...this slowly pulls the impeller out of the pump housing.

14. The empty pump house. Inserting a new impeller is very easy, fold the wings by using a rubber band or a thin line, insert the impeller and cut the cord/line and pull it out. 

You will find that if you apply some dish washing liquid to the impeller it will slip into the housing easily. Do not use oil as it can damage the impeller. Remember to turn the sea water valve back on before test running the pump and motor.