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The vang

The vang on our Hanse 370e from 28th May 2009 is a Sparcraft PERFORMANCE range and needs quite a lot force as it is designed to hold 700 kg according to the specifications. This means that if you are not built like Popey the Sailor you have to work hard in order to use the vang in its full range. Below you will find a solution that we saw on SY Hutschlange (a Hanse from 2006) which we later on improved so the purchase is now even better. It is now possible to pull down the vang by only using forece of one hand...well almost!


Original set up by the shipyard.

1. The top blocks.

2. The lower blocks.


3. The original set up has a 4:1 purchase.



The first solution with single blocks.

1. A single block on the top end of the vang has been added.

2. A single block has been added on the lower end of the vang.


3. This set up gives you 12:1 purchase.

When you have 2 block systems in what I would call seriel connection you must multiply the 2 gear ratios to get the combined ratio. So in this case you have the original 4:1 and your addition is 3:1 (4 x 3= 12). The combined ratio is 12:1

Thanks to Thomas Hansen with Hanse 370 "Sleipner" from ThurÝ who have written the explanation.


The second solution with fiddle blocks.

1. A fiddle block with a becket has been added on the top end.


2. A fiddle block without a becket has been added to the lower end.

3. This set up gives you 20:1 purchase.

Original ratio: 4:1, new addition: 5:1 (5 x 4 = 20). The combined ratio is 20:1

Thanks to Thomas Hansen with Hanse 370 "Sleipner" from ThurÝ who have written the explanation.


4. Just a different angle of the new set up.